Dan Heaford

IT Training Manager


IT Training Manager

Dan is our lead IT trainer. He teaches across a wide range of subjects including spreadsheets, Photoshop, programming, Max OSX, Windows and MS Office.

We teach in classrooms, onsite or online. In a classroom training we always limit the trainer / learner ratio to a maximum of 8 to 1. Our online training is a popular delivery option. Learners get one-to-one personal attention, with sessions never longer than half an hour. Keeping things short means that people learn willingly, and they find it easy to get straight back to work afterwards.

We work hard to make learners feel at ease and find all kinds of ways of helping them develop confidence and skill around the technology that they use. As we've all worked in-house for companies before we became qualified trainers, we genuinely understand people's difficulties and give them a huge amount of understanding and support. We're also here for them after training is complete and happily help with any IT-related questions or concerns.

Call: 01684 298932