What is an Apprenticeship?

It's Government funded vocational training that Skills Ladder can use to help you recruit and train new staff and/or enhance the skills of your current staff.

It's a combination of skills training and ‘hands on’ experience

It includes the award of a formal vocational qualification to prove that staff have been satisfactorily assessed in specific skills. They also receive a BTEC as recognition of competence and training.

Timing is flexible. ?Skills Ladder ?can work with you to design a programme that causes minimum disruption to your operations. An Apprenticeship programme typically takes from six month to one year.

Apprenticeships are open to everyone, without discrimination. There are no set qualification requirements needed for individuals to participate.

Those needing help with literacy and numeracy skills are fully supported by ?Skills Ladder?, at all times 

This work often involves liaison with Union Learning Representatives and the development of individual teaching sessions.