Apprenticeships & Training

Working with Skills Ladder to minimise your recruitment and training costs

Skills Ladder is expert in using Government funding for apprenticeships to provide new skills training for 16 – 25 year olds, and to provide enhanced skills training for existing staff.

Our company has developed a number of innovative ways to help Employers achieve their recruitment and training objectives, using Government apprenticeship funding.




Skills Ladder forms a ‘partnership’ with the employer to review all his recruitment and training costs, and explores how accessing apprenticeship funding can add value to this process – usually at notably reduced cost.


A total service partnership for sourcing and training staff with the right skills, at the right time. NB. This can be particularly attractive for employers with seasonal businesses.


Skills Ladder works with the Employer to design specific enhanced skills training for groups of existing staff – then accesses Apprenticeship funding where possible, and delivers this training to these groups, on your own premises at times to cause minimum disruption to your operations.


Specially designed enhanced skills training for your current staff, at minimum cost.